About Me

Hi, welcome to my little part of the blogworld! I'm Stephanie, I'm 23 years old, and live in Metro Detroit. In my blog I hope to show you more about the world around you and inspire you to make a positive changes in your life and in others. Along the way, I hope to show you that life is crazy, epic, and just plain awesome.

FYI I wasn't always seeing the world in a positive way. I used to always see the glass half-empty. I thought everyone was against me and that life, pretty much sucked! However, last fall I had a big wake up call. Through this, I realized you can't control what life throws at you, but you can change how you view it!

The fun stuff: I am a foodie! I love buying healthy food and my diet involves a ton of yummy fruits and vegetables. I also have a special place in my heart for chocolate and good beer. I love reading food blogs and was inspired to start my own blog, although my content is a little different.

I  have a serious love for running! Running is my passion and it has helped transform my life in many positive ways. I started really getting into running in November 2009 and have run two 5ks so far. I have trained for a longer race, unfortunately I was injured in April and am taking a break from running until my knees heal.

I also love my soon-to-be husband, Tim. He pretty much rocks! He always amazes me at seeing the positive in others and in himself. He has encouraged me not to be afraid of being myself and embracing the inner nerd within all of us!

I hope my blog helps you to see the positive in life and inspires you to go out and see how absolutely epic life can be!

Life is Epic!!!