Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fight Your Inner Bully

Remember the old cartoons when a person has the angel on one shoulder and the demon on the other? Well, I often feel that way in real life. I have certain things that trigger that little demon on my shoulder to take control and more often then not I let it take over. However, as I have become more aware of my feelings I have started to let the angel have a little more say.

I believe it is so important not to beat yourself up and replace bad feeling with good. There are many different ways to be positive. Try to make a list of triggers for the bad feelings and brainstorm ways to stop these bad feelings. For example, I have a habit of beating myself up for the way I look and I know triggers for this are, watching beauty pageants, reading fashion and beauty magazines, and participating in "fat talk". So, I chose not to do these things that trigger bad feelings. On top of avoiding our triggers we should also do things that help us stay positive. Often times when I start beating myself up for the way I look I go to or do things that make me feel good, like go into my room and do yoga or call a friend.

Be your own best friend. If your best friend said the things you say negatively about yourself, you would tell them to stop! You have control over negative feelings, so stop them. Remember, if you don't love yourself how can anyone else?

Life is Epic!

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