Monday, May 10, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, We Get Mean

Hey, sorry I've been MIA for the last few days! I will try not to forgot about my blog again :)

I have been thinking a lot lately about how we treat others and how this affects ourselves. I want to start by saying I was a "mean girl" back in high school. Basically my group of friends and I were not the nicest people. I put down others to make myself feel good. I acted like I as awesome when in fact, I had very little self confidence and most of my ridicules where things I felt where wrong with me. Now, at the time I didn't realize this, but when I moved away to college I soon realized how wrong I was in school.

I left my "mean girl" days behind when I went to college. I would never say anything mean to someone's face however, like many people I knew, I would say things behind people's backs. I kept doing this for awhile until I realized that this was just as bad as being mean to someone's face, and maybe even worse! At least I was being honest when I said that I didn't like them to their face.

Recently, I became aware of another why I was being mean to others, even when they would honestly never know. I realized I judged people for being things I was afraid of being. I would see a random person at the store and think "wow, I'm glad I'm not that fat", and sometimes I would point out the person to a friend. Guess what, I was being the same "mean girl" I was in high school, due to my own insecurities. What's sad is it finally occurred to me last week, when I overheard a negative conversation some friends were having. They were judging someone, and even though that person will never know what was said, it is still wrong!

Instead of being mean and judging others, we need to step back and look at what is making us judge them. Instead of breeding negativity, we can learn something about ourselves, and make some positive changes!

Life is Epic!

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